Crossword Quiz TV Show 2 Answers 9

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1. what is the first word in the show that is all about fairy tales answers: once
2. late show host that parodies political pundits on CBS answers: colbert
3. study moon baseball answers: teen wolf
3. this show allowed the audience to be the video DJ answers: TRL
4. Cowboy … animated show about a bounty hunter answers: beebop
4. her brother joey always says “whoa” answers: blossom
5. show about a guy with psychic powers that features a pineapple in every episode answers: psych
6. this is the game that you’re playing right now joe answers: joepardy
6. this guy’s name is often shouted during his talk show answers: jerry
7. hammer waiter and number 2 answers: SVU
8. Name of this MTV show is the beginning of a common insult answers: yo momma